From travel alarms to quarter chiming long case clocks, we offer servicing and repair of your household clocks.

For mechanical clocks this entails a complete strip-down, cleaning,repair of worn or damaged parts followed by reassembly (including correct synchronisation of strike- and chime-work), adjusting, lubricating and test.

We specialise in the repair of 400 day ("Anniversary") clocks, including replacement of suspension springs, for which we keep a comprehensive stock of suspension springs and fittings.

Electric and Electro-mechanical clocks follow a similar process, but are also checked for correct operation of the electrical circuitry. For most quartz clocks the most economic repair is to replace the movement as a complete unit, although unusual fitments can often be overhauled as above if required.

Obviously, most of our clock repairs are for local customers, but we're happy to receive appropriate items (usually mantle clocks) by post and will be happy to provide packaging advice and courier suggestions for anyone wishing to post them to us.