Welcome to Anglesey Watches and Clocks

Not so long ago, just about every town had a watchmaker or two.  They were always busy because watches were prized possessions and most people relied on a single timepiece.

Then, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, (relatively) cheap quartz watches and clocks appeared and people increasingly found it was cheaper to just throw a broken watch away and buy a new one.   To make matters worse, national jewellery chains started offering "repair services" from central workshops,rather than having on-site repairers, and used the resulting economies of scale to undercut the few remaining independents.  The local watchmaker was suddenly an endangered species!

Once local competition died, those central services became steadily more expensive and also started to dictate what would be done; ostensibly on "technical" grounds but, in reality, every diktat increased their profits.  Suddenly, you couldn't have a broken winder repaired without also having the watch serviced.  And a service would automatically include polishing the life out of the case so tat it came back "like new".  Quite apart from these "extras" increasing costs, they tended to depersonalise the watches so that you may as well have had a new one supplied on exchange! 

Despite this, a few repairers survived and maintained - or even grew - a loyal customer base by offering outstanding service and quality that impersonal, centralised, services simply couldn't match.  Our watchmaker was apprenticed to one such shop in 1995.  He learnt, from his very first steps in the profession, that the customer's needs really are what matter and that no repairer has a right to dictate what will be done to something as personal as a favourite watch.

That's the ethos that still drives Anglesey Watches and Clocks.  It's your watch, not ours, and it should always be your choice what happens to it.  Obviously, we can advise on technical matters, but we'll never insist that if your watch needs "X" done you must also accept an optional  "Y" as part of the deal. When you use our services, whether locally or by post, you're our employer. 

Like any employee anywhere, we'd do well to remember that!